Some Kind Words About My Services

Peter and Marilyn

Thank you, Julie for your continuing good humor and patience with us.
You always make a way forward for us that helps us in many ways. Please know the comfort and care you provide
is extraordinary and keeps us going.

James H. and Mike U.

We first worked with Julie in 2014 when we were new to Seattle, but had already owned homes previously. There’s so much to consider and evaluate in buying a home. Julie brings a combination of understanding the wants and needs of buyers with deep expertise in the neighborhoods, property type, pricing and property condition. She’s a pro at gathering and helping buyers formulate what’s important to them and how to apply that to searching and evaluating properties. She’s focused on what buyers want and she’s exceptional at using that to help make key decisions about what works or doesn’t for individual properties and the overall search. We’ve been deeply happy with the townhouse we found through Julie. And we were so happy to work with her again on a second recent home purchase. We really benefited from her judgement, careful thinking, evaluation process and flexibility in an ongoing search. We’re so happy with the outcome and grateful Julie helped us to get our new home. She’s a pleasure to work with and an real estate expert to rely on.

Karen K.

Julie Friedman has assisted me three times, twice as my listing agent and once as my buying agent. She was wonderful to work with on each occasion. Julie knows and understands the market. However, what I valued most was her professionalism and thoroughness in all aspects of the transactions, which by their very nature, can be periods of high stress. From start to finish she researched (to avoid any pitfalls or undisclosed perils), explained (kept me apprised of her ongoing responsibilities and what was needed from me for a successful transaction), negotiated and, most importantly, was my advocate at all times.


I have been using Julie for almost 6 years now. She helped sell my last home in Bothell and then purchase the place we are in now. She is extremely thorough in every aspect of the process when buying AND selling a home. I appreciate her thoughtfulness and patience when it comes to differences between my husband and myself.

Joe & Jenn

Julie helped us over the course of almost an entire year, got to know our family, watched our baby daughter grow and helped us as first time homebuyers find a home that we truly treasure! She never tired on her efforts and always made sure that we absolutely loved what we were shopping for. Julie is the best!


Thank you so much for all you did in getting my condo sold! I know it was a lot of work and I thank you for letting me know exactly what to expect and the next steps coming up. You made it very easy for me.

Happy Client

Julie Friedman is without question the best real estate agent we have ever had. She is analytical, thorough and completely trustworthy. But if not for her wonderful qualities, we most likely would not be buying a place right now. She made all the difference.


Julie Friedman did a very fantastic job helping us find our 1st home. She seemed to really care that we find a quality home that would suit our needs, and helped guide us through the buying process with recommendations for other sources needed along the way. She seems to really know Seattle, the people, and the communities.


Invariably excellent, thorough beyond the call of duty, well-informed, well-organized. Julie is morally committed to giving the best real estate service we have ever received. Julie's dedication to making sure we always investigated all the potential hazards of any property guided us to the perfect solutions in a difficult market. We are so grateful for her help and her friendship.


Excellent. Julie was a model of professionalism and a trust advisor. I appreciated all her hard work, honesty, and energy.